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The first three places are taken by Flowtify customers

We are pleased to announce the results of the survey conducted by the German Institute for Service Quality on the subject of “Service Study Fast Food Restaurants 2018.”

* Points on a scale from 0 to 100

Disadvantages of paper list

  • Paper lists cause unnecessary financial and administrative effort due to printing, copying, distributing, collecting, checking and archiving checklists for 2-5 years.
  • Necessary corrective measures are often initiated too late.
  • Gaps or manipulated documentation can damage your brand reputation and lead to friction with the authorities.

flowtify at your side offers

  • Live feedback in case of irregularities
  • Access to all relevant data any time from anywhere
  • Easy setup, editing or evaluation of checklists on mobile devices or computers
  • Easy and intuitive user interface
  • More security and time savings through the integration of sensors

Secure your brand

flowtify enables you to manage a gapless and traceable HACCP documentation with no effort at all

Relieve your staff

Intuitive checklists with multimedia-based support enable even unskilled employees to work independently and efficient

Save Time & Money

Employees are relieved of administrative tasks and can focus on the operative business again 

Meet our Customers

Our customers about flowtify


flowtify is the answer to a whole range of challenges faced by many restaurateurs. Time-consuming and complicated processes are considerably simplified and the entrepreneur gains time for the important things, for his customers.

Olaf Koch
Chairman Metro AG, Düsseldorf

Thanks to flowtify we were able to simplify and optimise our recurring processes to a high degree.

Josef Korosec
Restaurant manager DINEA Gastronomie GmbH, Cologne

The creation of tasks & checklists is uncomplicated and quick. No more paper chaos, everything can be done on the tablet. I would recommend flowtify to every restaurateur as it saves time and work.

Thomas Buchwitz
Operations Director Marché Restaurants Österreich GmbH, Natschbach

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