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SenseAnywhere Integration

What are sensors?

Sensors help to automate measurements that were previously performed manually. Using a sensor, temperature readings can be fully automated and sent to flowtify. This not only saves costs, but also achieves better measurement results.

How do I add a sensor?

  • Connect the access point to a power source
  • Connect the access point to your router using a LAN cable
  • Now log into your flowtify account
  • Select the branch for which you want to add a sensor
  • Now click on “Integrations” in the left menu column
  • Click on the Plus symbol
  • Select the appropriate sensor model. Model name and S/N number can be found on the back of the sensor (please take it out of the holder! )
  • Now enter the 14-digit S/N number in the corresponding field. (See above!)
  • Confirm the entry with “Save”.

Note: It may take up to 10 minutes for the sensor to be marked as synchronized and connected.

How do I remove a sensor?

  • Tap the trash icon next to the sensor you want to delete.


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